As a result of COVID-19, our mission has been expanded so that we support not only the food insecure but also the broader restaurant industry, which is under tremendous financial pressure.

We have developed a partnership with Roots Cafe & Catering Company that allows them to keep staff employed by using donated money to prepare food for our recipient organizations. This pandemic has closed the doors to our institutional food donors. Thanks to Roots Cafe and other new food donors that have stepped up to the help our community, we have fed 3 times the amount we typically do in a week. Last week we served over 1,000 meals.

Please contribute any amount you are able to, it takes a village. A $20 donation would provide a freshly prepared meal to a family of four. $100 could feed 20 meals and help ensure restaurant workers and farmers a paycheck.
Here is how Feeding Charlotte works
Need Food?
Are you or someone you know experiencing food insecurity due to COVID-19? If so please contact us and we will respond as quickly as we can.