Hunger Stats
Chew on these numbers.

In 2017, 14.9% of Mecklenburg County was food insecure, with 153,830 people living in hungry households.
40% of all food produced in the US is wasted before it even reaches consumers.
133 billion pounds of food are wasted per year.
It costs $161 billion for uneaten food at retailers, restaurants and homes annually.
35% of all Mecklenburg households with children are food insecure.
1 in 9 people struggle with hunger in the US.
1 in 7 children struggle with hunger in the US.
1 in 7 people in NC struggle with hunger.
20% of landfill weights are made up of food, which make up the single largest municipal waste source.
The methane released by food is a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

One more statistic for you?
To date, Feeding Charlotte has saved over 10,000 pounds of freshly prepared food and distributed it to Queen City's food insecure population.

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Sources:, Feeding America